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Caring For Your Recycled Tin Lighting Fixtures

Here at Quintana Roo, we offer a wide range of exquisite hand crafted home and office lighting products made from recycled tin. Our collection includes beautiful Moravian Star Pendant Lights, Switch Plates, Lamp Shades, and Sconces. Each piece is carefully crafted using the artisan technique of punched tin, originating in central Europe. Our skilled artisans use various washes to achieve the stunning finishes that we offer. For a more unique touch, some of our items are cut using a jeweler’s torch, creating beautiful burn stains.

Tin (Sn) is a soft, malleable, silver-colored metal commonly used as a protective coat for other metals and to make alloys. It resists corrosion but can be affected by caustic substances. In case of rusting, simply use fine sandpaper to remove the surface rust, hand wash with soapy water, and dry thoroughly. If needed, you can add color and then apply a layer of clear lacquer. Our tin home decor lighting products are built to stand the test of time and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Discover the perfect lighting solution that not only illuminates your space but also adds a touch of elegance and sustainability to your home or office. Explore our stunning collection now!


Tin Moravian Star Light