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Caring For Your Quintana Roo Tin Products

Quintana Roo offers many punched tin home decor & lighting products; Moravian Star Pendant Lights, Switch Plates, Lamp Shades and Sconces.

Tin (Sn) is a soft, malleable, silver-colored metal. It is generally used as a protective coat for other metals and to make alloys. Punched tin is an artisan technique originating in central Europe. We use a variety of washes to achieve the finishes that we offer. Some of our items are simply cut with a jeweler’s torch to create burn stains.

Tin resists corrosion, but can be attacked by caustic substances. When rusting occurs, use fine sandpaper to remove the surface rust, hand wash with soapy water, dry thoroughly, add color if needed, then apply a layer of clear lacquer. Your tin home decor & lighting products will provide you with years of enjoyment.