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The History of Moravian Stars

The origin of the many pointed Moravian Star dates back to a geometry lesson in a Moravian boarding school in the town of Niesky, Germany in the 1830’s. Around 1880 a man named Pieter Verbeek who had learned to make the stars at the school set up a bookstore in Herrnhut and started making the stars for sale. Over the years, Pieter’s son Harry improved his father’s business and opened a star factory where they exported the stars that included assembly instructions in four different languages. They continued to make the stars until the shop was forced to close during World War I.

Moravian Stars manufactured today range from 6 to over 100 points depending on the medium used. They come in varying sizes from night lights to extremely large. In 1939 one was built on top of South Mountain in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that contains 250 bulbs and can be seen for 20 miles. You’ll find Moravian Stars made from paper, plastic, glass and metal.

At Quintana Roo, we manufacture glass and hand cut tin Moravian Star pendant lights with 18 points in 3 different sizes, as well as wall sconces, ceiling lights, and night lights. We hope you enjoy this little piece of history and would love to make a star for you!