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11615 - Pyramid Lamp Shade with Solid Design

Choosing and Measuring for the Perfect Lamp Shade

Adding a Quintana Roo punched tin lamp shade adds an instant, unique style to your decor. Our shades typically direct light downward and upward creating pools of light along with the dramatic spray of light from the motif punches. Definitely different than what your neighbors have!

We offer Empire, Pyramid, Drum, Chandelier and Ceiling Fan shades.
  • Empire and Drum are best with round lamps.
  • Pyramid is best with square lamps.
However, the only real rule here is to choose what fits your taste and d�cor and what will make you happy. Our shades attach to the harp on your lamp with a fitter bar, then secure with a finial (check out our finials while you are at it. The exceptions are the chandelier shades which have clip-on fitters and the ceiling fan shades which have a 2 1/8� fitter (the outside diameter of the small end).

Lamp shade measurements = top diameter x bottom diameter x slant height. To determine size needed set the shade and base side by side. Ideally, the shade should be 2/3 the height of the base. Most important, never let the bulb and assembly be within view. So these guidelines could vary based on the placement of the lamp. And remember, you are always welcome to create your own designs and sizes.

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